Hotel Lock System, Hotel Equipment AND Car Electronics

Professional Hotel Lock System and high-quality Hotel Equipment, Car Tuning, Removing Particular Filter and EGR, Car Keys!

We are in business for more than 20 years.



Searching for quality service with best
offers available at every moment?

We provide a variety of services:
- Hotel lock system (card lock,..)
- Hotel equipment (safes, light control ,..)
- Car service (Tuning, EGR removal ,...)

Don't think twice, chose us !


Hotel Lock System

State of the art lock system including key cards and mechanical key sets for hotel settings.

Safe Boxes

High quality multi-security level safe boxes.

Mini Bar

Modern compact mini bars for hotel settings.


Chip Tuning

Professional tuning with best equipment in the world,

Remove DPF and EGR

Professional removal with best equipment in the world.

Car Keys

Professional car keys with best equipment in the world.

Car Tuning

We provide professional tuning which could have a lot of benefits for your car. We use professional equipment and we are official dealer for reputable organization "Quantum Tuning".

Removing particulate filter and EGR

We use special testing methods and professional equipment to remove a particulate filter and EGR. 

Car Keys

We have years of experience in making all types of coded keys. We provide many different services in this area, depending on different possible situations.

Other Services

Apart from our main services we also provide airbag crash reset, radio CD navigation decoding.



About Auto Electronics

Our company was founded in 1989. Its original activity was servicing radio TV devices, video recorders, CDs and other music and video devices.

We are constantly following the development and implementation of achievements in the field of electronics and in mid-nineties we expanded our business by servicing electronics in modern cars.


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